Capital Campaign

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Our success is measured in the number of students we can help, with the high quality of academic programs and services we provide. Educational excellence is fueled by our dedicated faculty, staff, and generous donors like you. Learn more about how you can Invest in the success of our students.

HFC Investing in the Future Capital Campaign projects

  • Development of the HFC Student Success Center: We will transform our currently outdated library into a dynamic, technology-rich learning center housing state-of-the-art research, computer, communication, multi-media, graphic, and printing resources.

  • Center for Global Impact: This Center of learning will prepare HFC students to capitalize and succeed in the growing global marketplace and our interconnected global society. The Center’s faculty will provide classroom activities and instructions to give students a clear understanding of the issues and challenges of international, social, and economic relations.

  • Workforce Development Center: HFC is the region’s leading provider of workforce development training. HFC will institute enhanced and updated continuing education programs that will be aligned the needs of with today’s technology industries and businesses, including entrepreneurial skills.

  • Tech Center Renovation: HFC will completely remodel the current Tech Center to provide students with the most advanced learning facilities, including laboratories, computer science course equipment, digital media, imaging, and web design tools and applications.

  • Smart Classrooms: Every HFC classroom will be equipped and technologically enhanced with the latest digital teaching aids, presentation technologies such as wireless computer displays, interactive flat panels, and Smart Boards that permit faculty and students to perform complex calculations, share notes and diagrams, and work collaboratively on shared projects.

  • Program Development Fund: HFC will expand its long-established and highly successful practice of partnering with regional industry and business leaders to identify and teach students to adapt to ever-changing workforce trends and needs. This will keep our students and continuing education enrollees at the leading edge of the region’s workforce needs.

  • Future Opportunity Fund: HFC will create a fund that will enable us to systematically and quickly update and adapt course subjects, content, and requirements to meet changes in the job market and to serve the workforce needs of emerging and innovative industries.

  • Scholarships: HFC and its students benefit from the diversity of those working and studying at the College. We will broaden scholarship opportunities by offering need-based and endowed scholarships that will be targeted to meet specific areas of study and course requirements.

  • Early College Experience Program: HFC will expand this proven program that affords local students the chance to earn college credits or even attain their associate degree while completing their high school education.

  • Career Camp Program: HFC will increase this summertime on-campus program that allows students of various ages to explore career fields and obtain hands-on experiences to prepare them for future careers.

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