Dear Scholarship Donor,

I am writing to you to say that I am dearly honored and thankful to be selected as the recipient for The Cynthia Venier Trabin Endowed Criminal Justice Scholarship. Your generous support has helped me become the first in my family to attend college. Not only was it a struggle to get into college it’s also been hard figuring out how to pay for it. This scholarship has helped me cover my next semester’s books and some of my tuition. Again, thank you for this opportunity!!

Kyniah Hamilton

First and foremost, thank you beyond words for selecting me for the amazing opportunity for this scholarship. I have reinvented myself within the last four years. I left working for the military, the federal government and have changed from what I have known for 16 years to knowing nothing. My inspiration came from my new husband of 4 years and my large family of combined ten children, two sons-in-law, and a grandson. My husband and family’s health has placed my new career goals in full effect. My change came from my love of cooking for my family but making sure they eat healthier and with these goals have turned my inspiration to continue helping others with the goals of health and supporting them achieve their goals. How will I do this? By owning my own company for prepped cooking for dietary needs. With my military background and my family support and your support, too, I’m closer to reaching my goals of helping others and my veterans. Again beyond words can express my gratitude for this scholarship that you have given to me. Many thank you’s, and this is so appreciated.

Thank you,
Nina Denny

Hello to the Outer Drive Scholarship Committee,

I hope this acceptance letter finds you all well. First and foremost, I want to extend my sincerest thanks to the Outer Drive Scholarship Committee. I am humbled and honored to have been selected for this scholarship, and I accept the scholarship offered to me. I will continue to work diligently both as an academic and as a future Registered Nurse to make the most of the financial assistance that is being bestowed upon me. It is my sincerest hope that one day I may be able to repay such an honor to the Scholarship Committee, whether it be through donations for future scholarship recipients or through careful, meticulous care as a Registered Nurse if the situation arises (God willing, you will all have continuous good health). This scholarship will enable me to continue my work as a student and to excel in my field. Thank you all very much once again. I wish you all and your family’s good health during these tumultuous times.

Best Regards,
Mohamed Mashrah

Dear Frederick P. Violet Sharpe Endowed Memorial Donor,

I am extremely honored to have been selected to receive the Frederick P., and Violet Sharpe endowed scholarship. As a non-traditional student, the support means more to me than I can properly express in this brief letter. I come from a single-parent household, so I do not have a ton of financial support to help boost me through college. I often struggle with affording my textbooks and tuition, despite working full time. I want to assure you that your generous gift will not be wasted. The money will help me immensely this upcoming semester, especially considering that the Coronavirus pandemic is still in full swing.

Furthermore, I want to express how humbled I am just for being selected for this award. The fact that you have placed confidence in me has strengthened my resolve to keep pushing forward towards my goals. I truly appreciate the opportunity you have provided for me, and I hope this acceptance letter adequately conveys how grateful I am.

Kind regards,
Kevin Fowler